Oct 20, 2020Liked by Inês Catarina Pinto

I like to visualize internet behaviour. Often it reveals the absurdity of our behaviour. For example, imagine the Twitter feed being a party or a sidewalk, random people constantly emerging only to make a statement before disappearing again. The behaviour doesn't get less absurd when it comes to our obsession of storing and collecting online. In Pocket, I have enough articles saved for later to build a dam if I decided to print them all out. But just like I'd not trade my childhood photo albums for a thousands digital phone photos, I think more about how I can embody digital memories rather than saving them.

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That's a lovely thought, emboding digital memories. Sometimes I feel pressured to keep an almost impossible second brain with all the things that I read, watch, listen and consume online. As if they would be eternally lost if I don't collect them. It's really weird if we tried to mimic that behaviour in the offline world. If we tried to archive every street, people, feeling and mood that crossed our way. Lately, I'm more in peace with the things that I read and forgot. Sometimes, it's actually nice. To discover an article or some music for the second time. After all, the gems we find online cannot time-travel if they are stuck in a box.

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