Social media, time and intention

or how procrastination doesn't make us happy

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In the mood for social media

Almost every week, there's a new app promising to keep us away from social media. Some of them use passwords to lock us out of the digital ecosystem. Others use games, digital trees or countdown watches to distract us. Methodologies aside, the message is always the same: the time to be on social media is over.

This obsession with counting the minutes spent on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, emerged as an attempt to get our attention back. Still, for Tim Pychyl, a member of The Procrastination Research Group, these apps are rarely the solution. "Procrastination is not a time-management problem; it's an emotion-management problem", justifies Pychyl. Adding that "procrastination is, by definition, an irrational behaviour, because it runs counter to our own idea of what will make us happy”.

The same can be said about the hours we spent scrolling on social media. Time control can soften the habit, but we need purpose and intention to have a meaningful relationship with our feeds. One trick is to combine time with actions. For every five minutes spent on Twitter, interact directly with someone on that social network. For each ad in the Instagram feed, remember the reason why you are there. It's a delicate tension that can help us balance our role as users and our intentions as people.

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